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    • Porvoon Energia Oy

      Tampella Boiler renewals as follows:

      – Air preheater replacement
      – Load burner replacement including new piping and ducting installation

    • Mondi Dynäs AB

      Recovery boiler bottom replacement

    • SCA Munksund AB

      CFB boiler renewal as follows:

      – Economizer packets, 3 pcd
      – Modifying of hot gas duct
      – Pipeline modifications
      – Platform modifications
      – Repair of ash hoppers

      Recovery Boiler renewals as follows:

      – New low pressure piping installation
      – Installation of two additional flue gas cooler packets
      – Steel structure installation for additional flue gas cooler

    • Rovaniemen Energia Oy

      CFB boiler air and fuel feeding system renewal as follows:

      – Furnace frontwall
      – Air ducts
      – Rezi gas duct
      – Fuel chutes
      – Low pressure piping
      – Fuel feeding conveyors and screws
      – Platform modifications

    • Kotka Mills Oy

      Recovery boiler bottom replacement as follows:

      – Bottom replacement
      – Primary air ducts and registers
      – Secondary air ducts and registers
      – Downcomers with distribution pipes
      – Low pressure piping
      – Smelt spouts and minihoods
      – Start up burners
      – Bottom material Sanicro38

    • Kuopion Energia Oy

      HP 2 Boiler retrofit as follows:
      – installation planning
      – installation schedules
      – manpower planning
      – second pass demolition
      – second pass installation
      – furnace and bottom installation
      – ducting installation
      – HP piping installation
      – MP piping installation
      – NDT Inspections

    • Jyväskylän Energia Oy

      CFB Boiler retrofit as follows:
      – By pass economizer replacement
      – Installation of new recirculation gas duct and fan
      – Platforms modifications and renewals
      – Spray water valve group modifications
      – Sootblowers and sootblower pipelines modifiacation
      – Fan room, new coils silo and electrical room steel structure installation

    • Stora Enso Oy

      Recovery Boiler economizer replacement with eco casing, ashhoppers and conveyors

    • Utzenstorf Papierfabrik

      CFB- boiler additional economizer installation works. Includes pipelines, ducting and platform renewals and modifications

    • HVC Bio-energiecentrale

      CFB- boiler rear wall and kick-out area replacement

    • Metsä-Botnia

      Recovery Boiler Primary and Secondary airpreheater packet replacement

    • AB Fortum Värme

      Cooling water system and process piping installation

    • Stora Enso Oy

      BFB Boiler Front Wall replacement

    • Stora Enso Oy

      Recovery Boiler sootblowers and sootblower piping renewal in economizer area

    • Stora Enso Oy

      Recovery Boiler sootblowers and sootblower piping renewal in economizer area