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Well done work speaks for itself. For us, a satisfied customer is the best indicator of our success. Certainty on schedules and the high quality of work are the things that we do not compromise. According to our customers, we have also managed to achieve these goals.

Valmet AB, SCA Östrand Evap

SCA Östrand, Evaporator plant installation

Nordic Power Service Oy delivered under contract with Valmet AB, SCA Östrand Mill Evaporation plant main and auxiliary equipment, and piping installations among the overall mill expansion project. Delivery included also full supply and management of piping prefabrication including materials, as well as NDT inspections and tower cranes for lifting. Project became the biggest delivery in NPS history.

Project preparations and prefabrication was started end of 2016, and site works in March 2017. Mechanical Completion was achieved in October 2017. At the mill shut down peak installation NPS overall site allocation was nearby 200 persons. Total piping length reached over 13 km, total weight of installed equipment over 2250 tons, biggest individual equipment lifted being 230 tons with height over 23 m. Project was challenging due to extremely short overall installation schedule. Evaporation plant full operation in commercial use took place soon after commissioning period in the beginning of 2018, and the plant is functioning well.

Valmet AB, Södra Cell Värö Mill expansion

Fiberline piping installation

Being the biggest project in the company’s history, Nordic Power Service delivered Fiberline Piping Installation to Södra Cell Värö Mill in Sweden, as main contractor to Valmet Ab. Project was started with workshop prefabrication and site preparations at second half of 2015. Site installations were started half a year before the main mill shut down in May-June, and project was completed in August 2016. Installations included in addition to the main portion of stainless steel piping certain special materials as titanium, and also large scope of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) piping. Delivery scope covered also scaffolding works and NDT inspections by the respective subcontractors. Project’s main challenge was tight shut down period schedule. During the mill shut down peak installation NPS overall site allocation was over 200 persons. Project execution was successful, evidencing NPS capability to run large and demanding project deliveries.

Valmet, Mondi Dynäs AB

Modernization project

This highly demanding modernization project was carried out together with Valmet and Mondi Dynäs in spring 2015. Project included installation of new super-heater 3 and roof tubes, modification of super-heater connecting pipes and re-location of upper part soot-blowers and new wall panels, as well as installing a new lower rear wall of the furnace.  Replacement of all air openings with window welds added extra challenge to the project. In addition, air distribution system on lower part of the furnace was modified and new boiler bank ash hopper and conveyor, and smelt spout cleaning robot were installed. Successful completion of this very complex modification project reflects the highly skilled workers and top of the market know-who of the NPS team.

Diamond Power Finland Oy

NPS and Diamond Power Finland Oy have made a cooperation agreement regarding assembly work and maintenance services of Diamond Power product line. We thank Diamond Power for selecting us and will continue to drive high quality cooperation also in the future.

“This cooperation agreement brings together Diamon Power’s worldwide known top quality product line and highly reliable and flexible NPS assembly services. Together we are able to create clear value add to our customers with best in class deliveries” Jukka Vanninen, Managing Director, Diamond Power Finland Oy

Metso Power, Kuopion Energia Oy

Modernization project

We carried out a challenging modernization project for Metso Power and Kuopion Energia Oy, where we converted an old grate boiler into a modern bubbling fluidized bed boiler. We participated in the modernization from the planning stage until the NDT inspections and the whole project was executed in a close cooperation with the customer. The project is our company’s largest single delivery so far.

Andritz, Kotka Mills Oy

The bottom exchange of a recovery boiler

We implemented an extremely demanding project for Andritz and Kotka Mills Oy. In the project, we changed the bottom of a recovery boiler. The project included several challenging elements and its successful outcome reflects our company’s core know-how and the expertise of our team.

In addition to the tight schedule, the tangent pipe wall solution of the boiler together with the Sanicro38 material brought their own special challenges to the project. In spite of this, we managed to perform the work in the world record speed, only in 6.5 days.

Valmet, Bio Golden Delfzijl, Holland

The renewal of the primary superheater and the maintenance of the power plant

A turnkey project for Valmet in Raand, Holland included the renewal of the primary superheater and the maintenance of the power plant. The project serves as a good example of our comprehensive projecting services and the high competence of NPS GmbH Germany. The success in this project also exemplifies the seamless cooperation between the NPS parent company and the German subsidiary.

Other references


    – Manhole door openings to superheater area
    – Flue Gas Duct expansion bellow replacement
    – Grid nozzles replacement
    – Boiler maintenance works


    – BFB boiler rear wall partial replacement
    – Superheater bends replacement
    – SH covershields replacement


    – Tertiary openings replacement
    – Front and rear wall repair panel replacement
    – Sootblower openings replacement
    – Boilerbank ties renewing
    – Smelt spouts replacemet


    – Replacement of lamella package for concentrator 1B


    – Replacement of lamella packages for concentrator 1B and 1C


    – Replacement of lamella packages for concentrator 1A, 1B and 1C
    – Replacement of circulation pipes
    – Replacement of liquir distribution systems
    – Replacement of flashtank including new piping
    – Installations of new pumps


    – Modification of evaporator vessels droplet separators


    – Replacement of evaporator unit tube bundle

  • Valmet Oy. EON UK, Steven`s Croft Power Station, Lockerbie Scotland. BFB Boiler Upgrade

    – Furnace lower part walls replacement. Inconel overlay welded panels
    – Replacement of Hybex grid
    – Replacement of furnace nose and screen tubes
    – Replacement of primary superheater
    – Upgrade for economizers 1 – 3
    – Installation of eco`s sootblowers and piping
    – Feedwaterpipe installation
    – Primary airduct modification
    – Flue gas duct modification
    – Platform modification

  • Stora Enso, Imatra Mill, evaporator H5

    – Replacement of lamella packages for concentrator 1A and surface condenser

  • Metsä Board, Husum Mill BP 9

    – Replacement of superheater 1 and 2
    – Re-location of sootblowers

  • Stora Enso, Uimaharju Mill

    – Replacement of lamella packages for evaporator units 1A and 1C

  • Stora Enso, Uimaharju Mill

    – New flue gas coolers for recovery boiler

  • Iggesund Workington, United Kingdom

    – Air preheater replacement. Cold secondary and cold primary packets. Total weight of 150 tons.
    – New safety valve silencer with piping
    – Grid nozzles replacement, 1500 pc.
    – Boiler maintenance works

  • Bio Golden Raand`s power plant in Delfzijl, Netherlands

    – Primary Superheater replacement
    – Boiler maintenance works

  • Pama power plant, CFB boiler

    – ash cooler replacemt
    – left side wall replacement
    – rear wall replacement

  • Porvoon Energia Oy

    Tampella Boiler renewals as follows:

    – Air preheater replacement
    – Load burner replacement including new piping and ducting installation

  • Mondi Dynäs AB

    Recovery boiler bottom replacement

  • ZAO International Paper Svetogorsk Mill, evaporator

    Three Lamella Packages Replacement on Concentrators A, B and C

  • UPM Kaukas

    Recovery Boiler tertiary superheater replacement

  • Neste Oil Oyj

    K1 boiler renewal as follows:

    – K1 boiler bottom replacement
    – Secondary Superheater replacement

  • SCA Munksund AB

    CFB boiler renewal as follows:

    – Economizer packets, 3 pcd
    – Modifying of hot gas duct
    – Pipeline modifications
    – Platform modifications
    – Repair of ash hoppers

    Recovery Boiler renewals as follows:

    – New low pressure piping installation
    – Installation of two additional flue gas cooler packets
    – Steel structure installation for additional flue gas cooler

  • Rovaniemen Energia Oy

    CFB boiler air and fuel feeding system renewal as follows:

    – Furnace frontwall
    – Air ducts
    – Rezi gas duct
    – Fuel chutes
    – Low pressure piping
    – Fuel feeding conveyors and screws
    – Platform modifications

  • Kotka Mills Oy

    Recovery boiler bottom replacement as follows:

    – Bottom replacement
    – Primary air ducts and registers
    – Secondary air ducts and registers
    – Downcomers with distribution pipes
    – Low pressure piping
    – Smelt spouts and minihoods
    – Start up burners
    – Bottom material Sanicro38

  • Kuopion Energia Oy

    HP 2 Boiler retrofit as follows:
    – installation planning
    – installation schedules
    – manpower planning
    – second pass demolition
    – second pass installation
    – furnace and bottom installation
    – ducting installation
    – HP piping installation
    – MP piping installation
    – NDT Inspections

  • Jyväskylän Energia Oy

    CFB Boiler retrofit as follows:
    – By pass economizer replacement
    – Installation of new recirculation gas duct and fan
    – Platforms modifications and renewals
    – Spray water valve group modifications
    – Sootblowers and sootblower pipelines modifiacation
    – Fan room, new coils silo and electrical room steel structure installation

  • Stora Enso Oy

    Recovery Boiler economizer replacement with eco casing, ashhoppers and conveyors

  • Utzenstorf Papierfabrik

    CFB- boiler additional economizer installation works. Includes pipelines, ducting and platform renewals and modifications

  • HVC Bio-energiecentrale

    CFB- boiler rear wall and kick-out area replacement

  • Metsä-Botnia

    Recovery Boiler Primary and Secondary airpreheater packet replacement

  • AB Fortum Värme

    Cooling water system and process piping installation

  • Stora Enso Oy

    BFB Boiler Front Wall replacement

  • Stora Enso Oy

    Recovery Boiler sootblowers and sootblower piping renewal in economizer area

  • Stora Enso Oy

    Recovery Boiler sootblowers and sootblower piping renewal in economizer area