A workforce worth belonging to

Nordic Power Service uniquely combines local expertise and European reach through NPS Power Oy and Nordic Power Service s.r.o, delivering unparalleled workforce solutions for every project scale no matter the location.

An installation job is only as good as the skilled people in it

Nordic Power Service offers a unique dual recruitment approach to meet the diverse needs of the industry through our dedicated units: NPS Power Oy in Finland and Nordic Power Service s.r.o in Slovakia. Our Finland-based recruitment focuses on sourcing the finest local talent for projects within Finland, ensuring a deep understanding of local standards and excellence. Meanwhile, our Slovakian unit extends our reach across Europe, specialising in assembling larger workforces for extensive projects, tapping into a broad network of skilled professionals.

This strategic dual approach allows us to offer unparalleled flexibility, expertise, and scale, ensuring that no matter the project size or location, NPS Group is equipped with the best talent to exceed industry expectations. With NPS, clients gain access to a seamless service tailored to the unique demands of each project, backed by a commitment to quality and efficiency that is second to none.

Skills wanted!

Nordic Power Service believes in teamwork. We take pride in providing top-quality repair, maintenance, installation, inspection, and manufacturing for industrial service companies operating in the pulp and paper, and energy industries.

We are an equal-opportunity employer. We foster a diverse and inclusive work culture. We believe that “good enough” is not good enough. The companies and industries we serve never stop working and that means our work never stops. We are a powerhouse. Our energy comes from our dedication to our customers, the unique talents of each of our employees, and our shared goal of accomplishing whatever challenge is thrown our way. We are NPS. Are you?

Interested in joining our workforce in Finland or in Slovakia?

We are always on the look for experienced welders, fitters, and site supervisors; we operate in a multicultural environment and communicate in English, Finnish, Swedish, and Slovakian. If you think you can be part of our workforce, please send us a note, we would like to hear from you.

Here’s how to apply

Submit Your Application

Use the provided form to submit your application. Please include detailed information about your skills, experience, and the position you’re interested in—whether it’s as a welder, fitter, or site supervisor.

Review process

Our recruitment team will review your application to assess your qualifications and experience. We prioritise candidates who demonstrate a strong match with the skill sets we’re looking for, including proficiency in English, as applicable to our diverse workplace.

Interview and selection

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview to further discuss their experience, skills, and potential fit within our team. Following the interviews, selected applicants will be offered a position and provided with further details about the role, including project assignments across Europe.